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AI29: Family adventure – dog and sled

Want to bring the whole family along for a sled ride? No problem! Together, we prepare the dogsleds and dog teams and head out to Alta’s best people-sledding hill! Everyone will ride together in one big dogsled, but children who are large enough (and want to join in) can drive their own smaller-sized sleds if they wish. After around a half-hour’s drive, we will arrive at the sledding hill; we will secure the dogsleds and then the whole family can take to the hills for their own downhill sledding fun! It’s a great time for big and small alike. Lunch along the trail around a wood fire is included in the tour. We are a Norwegian eco-certified company.

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Dates and Times


15 December - 15 April



Tour Times

11:00 - 15:00



Children 12/under

NOK 1950

NOK 1095

Additional Tour Notes

Pick up/drop off at Scandic (not the entrance towards the cathedral)

Incl: Transfer, warm clothes and lunch