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AI162: King Crab Tour

Ice Cube of Aurora is a local tourist fishing boat, engaging in adventurous trips in the Alta fjord. This trip goes from Urnesbukta to the crab field in Alta fjord. We will pull up the tub with king crab, you will get to hold the king crab and you can take pictures.

Dates and Times


01 January - 31 December

Available between 08:00 and 17:00

More Info

Flexible starting time, check with the captain


Per adult, 3 hours

NOK 1620

Children 12/under

NOK 810

Transfer Fee

NOK 300

(not incl transfer) extra add NOK 300,- pp

Meet in the harbor Amtmannsnes, Fiskerihavna

Additional Tour Notes

Tours may be canceled in the event of bad weather or other unsafe conditions.

Tour Includes: safety gear and warm drink

King Crab Tour
King Crab Tour King Crab Tour