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AI81: Adventure Cruise on Alta Fjord

Icecube of Aurora is a local tourist fishing boat, engaging in adventurous trips in the Alta fjord. For this tour, leave your fishing gear behind and explore the beautiful fjord near Alta. You will have a chance to birdwatch, enjoy the varied and fascinating coastline, and maybe even see dolphins dancing near the boat. You will learn about some of the colorful local history along the way, including stories about the local mining industry and from World War II.

On this tour you can choose the duration to custom fit it perfectly to your vacation plans.

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Dates and Times


01 January - 31 December



Tour Times

No starting times are currently set for this tour.

More Info

Tour can be booked for 2, 3 and 4 hour durations.


Per adult, 2 hours

Per adult, 3 hours

Per adult, 4 hours

Per child, 2 hours

Per child, 3 hours

Per child, 4 hours

NOK 1030

NOK 1620

NOK 2300

NOK 515

NOK 810

NOK 1150


Transfer price, 0-12 km

Transfer price, 13-20 km

Transfer price, 21-40 km

NOK 150

NOK 300

NOK 400

More Price Info

Transport prices are per person.

Additional Tour Notes

The tour includes captain/guide, boat tour, warm drinks and safety gear. Alcohol is not permitted on board during the tour. From 4-hours and longer lunch is included as well. The group size is restricted from 1-10 people. Contact us if you have a larger group. Meet in the harbor Amtmannsnes, Fiskerihavna.