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Division Leader

Henriette Bismo Eilertsen

Henriette Bismo Eilertsen

Division Leader, Boreal Adventure


+47 901 92 776

FIT and Groups

Oddny Bismo Eilertsen

Oddny Bismo Eilertsen

Team Leader - FIT (individuals and group) sales


+47 908 91 474

Oddny is the team leader for FIT sales and in-house tour production. Her office is at Boreal Adventure's beautiful Alta branch in arctic Finnmark County.

Oddny is actually educated as a social worker, with further education in administration and business/project management. After 10 years as a leader in health services, she was looking for new challenges and thus turned her gaze to tourism. She spent 5 years working on a cruise ship, and among other things gained an insight into the tourism industry by helping Henriette with the family business which eventually became part of Boreal Adventure. She has also worked as an area manager in Boreal Travel for a short period.

Oddny does not necessarily have a particular favorite destination, but she loves to pack the car and drive out to experience new, exciting places. In Norway, there are always new places to explore and there is a lot to choose from in our beautiful and long country. And she always has to stop by Bismo when she drives south. This is a fantastic place up in Gudbrandsdalen, and not least the place where her mother grew up and where the family got its name.

Oddny's best travel tip is to contact the tourist information office where you are traveling to get local tours of the place you are visiting. We have an incredible number of great and skilled suppliers across the country and their knowledge is worth listening to.

Tanja Handke

Tanja Handke

Tour production, individuals and groups


+47 401 41 605

Introducing Tanja Handke, our skilled booking consultant for FIT (Foreign Individual Travelers) and groups. She originally comes from Germany, but when her husband got a job in Alta in 2004, they took the whole family with them and moved north. She had never been to Norway before and really knew little about the country. It all became a great adventure for the whole family and they haven't regretted it for a second afterwards.

Tanja quickly got a job as a guide and summer substitute in the tourist information office in Alta, and from 2008 she got a permanent position. Working in the tourism industry was completely new - in Germany she worked with industrial companies - but her jobs have always involved a lot of organisation, which comes in handy in tourism and not least in the work she does for Boreal Adventure. Tanja loves challenges and thrives when things are very hectic. She is very grateful for a fantastic team who are fun to work with and says it is still just as exciting to live in Alta, even after 19 years. She loves to tell the guests who come to her new hometown about the history and culture of the place and is extra happy and proud when they say that they almost want to move there.

Over the years, Tanja has gathered a lot of experience and knows Finnmark very well. Her philosophy is that the most important thing you can do is listen to the guests, so that we hit on what they want to experience. This is how one fulfills travel dreams.

Outside of work, Tanja likes to go on camping trips with her family around Europe. Getting to know other cultures, languages and experiencing a sense of freedom is very important to her, as well as trying new activities.

Tanja's best travel tip is to go to Germany to discover the rich diversity the country can offer. But no matter where you travel, the most important thing is that you are open and curious - that's when you have the best holiday trips.

Pål Haugsnes

Pål Haugsnes

Tourism host, guide and event producer


+47 958 28 385

Pål is a tourism host, guide and event producer and works out of our office in Alta, Finnmark, the dream destination for everyone who is interested in fishing a bit more than average.

Pål joined Alta Guideservice, which became North Adventure and then part of Boreal Adventure, in 2006 and it really just went from there. He has been everything from mountain lodge caretaker, outdoor guide and destination manager to shop manager.

Pål's favorite destination is certainly not difficult to choose - namely Finnmarksvidda. If he had been given the choice, he would have sent his family to the South for 3 weeks and taken himself a long way into Finnmarksvidda on a fishing trip. Every river and body of water has fish in it - but where are the big fish? The eternal hunt for large trout and monster char is Pål's passion. In addition, there is something special about the large, open landscape that is almost empty of people, where peace and quiet prevail and the clock is meaningless. In addition, mobile phone coverage is generally so poor that you don't even think about it. Finnmarksvidda is also very nice in the winter, and then ice fishing is the way to go, but then the preferred means of transport are snowmobiles or dog sleds.

Pål's best travel tip is to go to Finnmarksvidda by seaplane. The seaplane allows a stealthy start to the trip deep in the wilderness at the water's edge. You can either have a base camp and be picked up at the same place, or you can bring a canoe or inflatable kayak and paddle down all the rivers. Experiencing the Finnmarksløpet dogsled race in March is also a good tip. That week, when the dog runners take over Finnmark, is sacred in Pål's eyes and he likes to follow the race as a volunteer or visit the checkpoints.

PS: for those who want to find the best places to fish, contact Pål to book a guided tour.