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  • Discovering that the five tours you booked are all on the same half-hour drive from Alta. Passing by that same lovely guest house again and again while thinking, "Why did we stay in town if all our adventures are out here?"
  • Deciding to wait to book your tours until arrival, and realizing too late that the second week in March is BOTH the busiest cruise ship week AND right before the big Finnmarksløpet dogsled race, and everything is fully booked
  • Coming to Alta to see the Northern Lights in March even though you don't like freezing weather, because somebody on the Internet told you that March was the best month to see them
  • Discovering that the online tour wholesaler who sold you your package doesn't know Alta either, and scheduled a Sami reindeer tour at the same time your flight was arriving (yeah, that really happened). And then discovering that the best your online package seller will tell you is, "Write a letter to our customer service department and complain." (Yeah, that part happened, too)

Arctic Norway is a special place. It's wild and beautiful, with way more reindeer than people living up here in Finnmark, the northernmost county. Alta is a friendly, modern town but it's not New York. The stores are closed on Sunday. The buses to North Cape don't run on Saturday, but they DO run on Sunday. The locals think very differently about distance than many visitors do - we routinely take 2-hour trips up to Hammerfest to visit the hospital because there's no hospital in Alta.

It's the same with tourism, here. It's so much fun and there is so much to do, but sometimes things work a little differently. Dogsledding is a lot of fun, but if you aren't in reasonably good condition, a full-day tour may not be your best bet. Going to North Cape in the winter can be a real challenge - if you simply take a bus, you'll discover that you have less than an hour to be there once you arrive. Planning on driving around to see the sights in the afternoon just after New Years? Plan to go only between 11:00 and 13:00, then, because that's the closest to an "afternoon" that we have during the dark time.

Visitors don't often think about this kind of thing, but we do. We live here, and we know first-hand what works well and what puts up a red flag. So when we make a package for you, we do everything we can to best match your needs with the environment and local schedules.

Is it really expensive to work with us instead of booking everything yourself? Actually, no. If we are just booking dogsledding and snowmobile tours, we offer the same prices that you find online, so it doesn't cost anything extra to get our help. And if we are booking entire packages with accommodation, transport and activities... well, we're not free, but for many people a few extra percent is worth having a local friend to make sure everything goes the best possible way.

So whether you will be here for a day or two, or two weeks, get in touch with us! It doesn't matter whether you have specific plans already, or you just know that you will be in Tromsø and Alta and want to have some fun. We can help!

Oh... that couple that had their Sami tour booked while they were still on the airplane?

Their hotel called us to see if we could help (even though they were not our customer) because that tour was the most important part of the whole trip. We called around and found another provider that could take just the two of them for a private tour as a favor to us, and Jon took the day off from his desk and drove them more than an hour outside of Alta so they could have the experience they deserved.

You won't hear anything about "write a complaint letter" from us - that's different here in the arctic, too.

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