North Adventure

AIS11: Private Sami Tour in Maze

Private Sami Tour in Maze

Quick Facts

Available: May 1 - October 30
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: Flexible start times

Group Size: 2-8
Intensity: Easy
Price: Adults: 2950,-
Children 12/under: 2350,-

Lunch or dinner can be added for 500,- per adult, 250,- per child

This is a special version of a tour that is normally only available for large groups. You'll take a private tour to learn about and experience old Sami traditions, just you and your host.

The tour starts in Alta. You will be picked up by a guide/driver in a private car, and driven out to the Sami town of Maze. Along the way, you'll have a one-on-one guided tour with one of our best guides who can tell you about life in Alta and Norway, the history of the area, and details about the history and future of the Sami people.

When you arrive in Maze, you will be greeted by a member of a local reindeer-herding family, clothed in a traditional outfit. After introductions are complete, you'll head down to the river by the camp for a short boat tour to see a bit of the area surrounding Maze.

When you return to shore, you'll be ushered into a large lavvo, a traditional Sami tent that features a fire in the center. Over coffee and delicious dried reindeer meat snacks (or lunch if you prefer), you'll spend the rest of your two-hour stay talking with your host about the old days and old ways of the Sami. You'll even hear joiking, the chantlike song of the Sami, and get a chance to try it yourself in a fun way.

With the visit complete, you'll say goodbye to the world of the Sami and return to Alta. Your guide will return you safely to town, and if there's time remaining, will extend the tour to show you a few extra sights around town.

The tour's total time is 4.5 hours, and includes two hours at the Sami camp in Maze, and 2.5 hours of private guiding and driving, along with transport, and snacks(lunch at the Sami camp. The tour is guaranteed to be exclusive, so only your guided group will be at the Sami camp during the tour. Group size 2-8 people.