North Adventure

AIS05: Private Tour, Kåfjord and the Tirpitz

Private Tour, Kåfjord and the Tirpitz

Quick Facts

Available: June 1 - October 15
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: Flexible start times

3 hour tour, normally between 09:00 and 15:00

Group Size: 2-8
Intensity: Moderate
Price: Per person: 1800,-

During World War II, the area around Alta was occupied by a vast German force compared to the Norwegian population - 20,000 troops compared to just a few thousand residents. Along with the naval troops, many ships including the giant battleship Tirpitz were stationed here. The Tirpitz was attacked many times throughout its stay, and finally damaged enough that it was relocated to Tromsø, where it was finally sunk. The area around Kåfjord where Tirpitz was anchored still bears the scars and relics of the war, here and there, and this tour will give you a deeper understanding of the events of that time.

One of our best guides from North Adventure will meet you in Alta with a private car and bring you out to Kåfjord. Along the way, they will explain about the history of the area, both in general and specifically regarding the events of the World War. You'll stop at the old Alta Church, which survived the destruction of Alta, and at the deep bomb crater at the fjord's edge where one of the Tall Boy bombs missed its target. Then it's over the beautiful and architecturally interesting Kåfjord bridge to the Tirpitz Museum. The museum features artifacts from the area and from Tirpitz itself, and brings a startling clarity to the participants on both sides of the conflict.

Once done at the museum, you'll stop outside Kåfjord Church (the only other building in the area to survive the war's destruction), and then head up the coast for a walk along the edge of the fjord to find the ruins of a bunker amid the delightful arctic scenery. Then it's back to Alta and modern times again.

The tour includes transport and private guide, entrance to the Tirpitz museum, and a guided introduction to the museum.