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AIE03: Finnmarksvidda by Fatbike

Finnmarksvidda by Fatbike

Quick Facts

Available: April 20 - April 23
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Exact times TBD

Group Size: No size restrictions
Intensity: Strenuous
Price: Per person: 9950,-

If you love to fat- or mountain bike and you're in good condition, do we ever have the perfect opportunity for you. This April from the 20th to the 23rd, Trygve Nygård of GLØD Explorer (Alta's premier outdoor tour company) will be leading a four-day fatbike expedition across around 200 kilometers of the wide-open wilderness of Finnmarksvidda, the vast arctic plateau in northern Norway.

From the little Sami town of Karasjok, the tour will travel over sloping, snow-crusted hills and stream-carved valleys until arriving in Alta, the biggest town in Finnmark County (at 20,000 residents) and the home of GLØD Explorer. The route will mostly follow snowmobile and dogsled routes (including the Finnmarksløpet endurance dogsled race in March), so the terrain will be known and passable for the tour. On the fourth day, the descent into the Alta Valley is nothing short of brilliant on a fatbike.

Each day's accommodation will be at one of the cozy mountain lodges that dot the landscape between the towns here, so even though you will be out on the trail during the day, you won't be roughing it at night. You'll even have a chance to stretch out and loosen up in a sauna each night if you wish, and a cold beer or glass of wine is a perfect compliment to tasty dinners featuring local flavors.

Along with the tour, we will be joined by the most cheerful support crew possible - tough and sturdy husky dogs that will pull sleds containing safety gear and your extra clothing.

The route is not especially difficult from a technical standpoint, but physical endurance is a must. On their Skill and Fitness scale, GLØD estimates this to be an S3/F6 challenge. If you have the stamina for this trip, you'll be rewarded with fun, great company and epic surroundings. Whatever the weather and exact ground conditions, this will be a fatbike trip you will never forget.

North Adventure can book this tour for you, and we can also help arrange your stay before and/or after your trip. We do recommend that you not plan to fly in and out on the starting and ending days of the tour - life here in the arctic can be a little unpredictable and it would be a shame if you missed the start of the tour or your plane home because of a weather delay.

The tour includes transport to Karasjok; a tour of the Sami parliament building before starting the trek; all meals; 3 days' accommodation and sauna; polar dog support team; guide/leader; and banquet dinner at the end of the tour. If you need to rent a fatbike to participate, no problem! GLØD can rent you a Nakamura Big Bob 6.0.