North Adventure

AI74: Snowmobile Safari into the Remote Arctic Plateau - Beaskades

Snowmobile Safari into the Remote Arctic Plateau - Beaskades

Quick Facts

Available: December 15 - May 1
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 09:30 - 13:30

Group Size: Maximum 6
Intensity: Strenuous
Price: 1 per scooter: 2695,-
2 per scooter: 1950,-

Join us and experience the splendor of the arctic wilderness! You will create memories to last a lifetime. No previous skills are required to drive a snowmobile. All you need is a regular driving licence, and it is just as easy as it is fun. A thorough safety introduction and driving instruction will be given before starting the trip.

You will drive in pairs, one driver and one passenger on each snowmobile, with an opportunity to switch places during the trip. We will drive onto the remote Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau, one of Europe's last wilderness areas. We follow the old postal trail up on to the highest point of the plains.

The temperature on the plateau can vary from a few degrees above zero to extreme cold. We cannot promise you windless days and clear sky, but whatever the weather, the scenery on the plateau is magnificent and impressive. Hot beverages and a snack/cake add a cozy touch to the outdoor experience.