North Adventure

AI66: Riverboat Tour Along the Alta River

Riverboat Tour Along the Alta River

Quick Facts

Available: June 15 - August 17
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 13:00 - 15:00

Group Size: 2-5
Intensity: Easy
Price: Adults: 700,-
Children 12/under: 500,-

No children under age 3

Ever since people first came to this area, the Alta River has been an important part of life here. The river supports a broad ecosystem of plants and animals, and it provides a plentiful supply of fish for the people that live here. Along with the fishing and ecology, the scenery along the entire river is nothing short of spectacular, and one of the best ways to experience that is by boat.

Your tour will start at one of the camping sites just outside of Alta. You'll board a long, narrow, wooden boat - the style has been used along the river for centuries - and motor upstream. Your expert guide will navigate your boat safely along the river, pointing out sites as you go. You'll travel up to an area in the river known as Nedre Sierra, a prime location for watching the river's fat salmon jumping. Afterwards, you'll return downriver to your starting place.

The tour includes safety gear for the boat, the boat ride (approximately three hours in duration), and hot or cold drinks along the way.