North Adventure

AI64: Hiking Tour With a Husky to Lille Raipas

Hiking Tour With a Husky to Lille Raipas

Quick Facts

Available: June 1 - September 1
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 11:00 - 14:30

Group Size: Minimum 2
Intensity: Strenuous
Price: Adults: 875,-
Children 12/under: 575,-

The city of Alta has designated ten nearby mountaintops -- "titoppers", in Norwegian -- as a special group to climb. At the top of each of these mountains, a logbook awaits climbers so they can record their visit; those who make it to all ten in one summer are eligible for a prize! If you don't have enough time to do all ten hikes, Lille Raipas is one of the better ones to take on. It is close to Alta, of medium intensity and length, and has a number of interesting features.

Your guide will meet you in Alta city center and take you the short distance out of town to the Lille Raipas trailhead. From there, you'll make your way along the trail, passing through forest and over bare hillsides. You'll see a little mountain lake complete with its own waterfall during the wet part of the season, and hike over mounds of chunky rock taken from a copper mine in the 1800s.

At the top, you'll perch on a rocky hill. Look around in all directions, and see the Alta River Valley, the town spread out before you, Komsa Mountain off in the distance (and below you!), and other sights. Remember to sign the log book in the green mailbox! Search around the hillside and you will find the marker commemorating Friedrich von Struve's Geodetic Arc, a surprisingly accurate measurement of the Earth's curve from the 1800s. Your guide will provide you with a "matpakke", traditional Norwegian tour food and drink. After enjoying the view and a rest, you'll return to the bottom of the mountain and head back to Alta.

[Optional] Turn this tour into a nighttime-daylight hike! For an extra NOK 100 per person, this tour can be done between 22:00 and 01:30, so you can experience the 24-hour arctic daytime.

The tour includes transport from and to Alta, a guided hike to the top, and a picnic lunch.