North Adventure

AI57: Lunch Course in the Outdoor Kitchen

Lunch Course in the Outdoor Kitchen

Quick Facts

Available: June 1 - September 1
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 11:00 - 15:00

Days of the week are by request

Group Size: 2-12
Intensity: Easy
Price: Per person: 1250,-

Group size 2-12 people

Trasti & Trine isn't just the perfect place for dogsledding. In the summer, it's also where you go for great food prepared on-site with local ingredients! This tour will give you background and basic education on cooking in the arctic, as well as a delicious lunch.

Join award-winning chef Johnny Trasti in his outdoor kitchen at Trasti & Trine. You'll get an introduction into the past and present techniques for cooking in the far north, and an overview of the surprisingly diverse ingredients and raw materials that are available through all four seasons in the area. And finally, you'll eat a delightful lunch that will showcase the ingredients and methods you've just learned about. Coffee and tea are served at the end.

The tour includes lessons in arctic cooking and lunch. Drinks with lunch are not included, but can be purchased separately. The event takes place in the covered outdoor kitchen at Trasti & Trine, so dress accordingly - summer in the arctic can still be cool and wet!.