North Adventure

AI40: Full Day Snowmobile Safari on the Arctic Tundra

Full Day Snowmobile Safari on the Arctic Tundra

Quick Facts

Available: December 15 - May 1
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 09:30 - 15:30

Tour must be booked on-request.

Group Size: Maximum 6
Intensity: Strenuous
Price: 1 per scooter: 3850,-
2 per scooter: 2795,-

Head out to Gargia Lodge, a mountain lodge that was part of the old postal network in northern Norway back in the days before modern roads and snowmobiles. You will revisit a part of that old network, but this time you'll go a lot faster than the sleds they used back then!

Your tour will take you out and onto the wild Finnmarksvidda plateau. You will follow the trail through the Beskades area of the vidda, crossing frozen lakes and driving past seasonal Sami settlements. At the halfway point, you will arrive at the next mountain lodge in the network where we will stop for lunch. Then it's back on the trail to return to Gargia.

The tour includes warm clothing if needed and proper safety gear for the snowmobile, the tour itself, and lunch. Transport to and from Alta are included in the price. This tour is limited to very small groups in order to keep the experience fresh and personal. A valid driver's license is required in order to drive the snowmobile. Driving distance is approx 57 km altogether.