North Adventure

AI38: Magical Overnight at the Husky Farm

Magical Overnight at the Husky Farm

Quick Facts

Available: May 1 - November 30
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Group Size: Maximum 14
Intensity: Easy
Price: Per 2-person tent: 1250,-

Come and join us for a unique overnight stay in one of our tipi bungalows. It is the perfect blent of luxury and wilderness adventure! The bungalow you will stay in are insulated, and come with a double bed (with comforters and heated blankets just in case), and a wood-burning stove at one edge of the tent so you can watch the crackling fire as you curl up in bed. One section of the lavvo has been replaced with a floor-to-top window. This gives you a perfect view of the natural surroundings of our lodge. If you are lucky you might see a moose passing by in the late evening or early morning! And don't worry about the midnight sun - when you are ready to sleep, the windows can be covered to give you a darkened room.

The tour includes overnight accommodation and breakfast the next day. Activities (like dog cart rides), services and other meals are available for purchase but are not included in this price. Accommodation is per bungalow, not per person, and the bungalows are designed for 2 occupants.