North Adventure

AI23: Northern Lights Safari at Pæskatun

Northern Lights Safari at Pæskatun

Quick Facts

Available: September 15 - April 10
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 19:00 - 23:30

Tour duration 4-6 hours
Departure in Sep and after 25-March, 21:00

Group Size: No size restrictions
Intensity: Easy
Price: Adults: 1500,-
Children 12/under: 750,-

Join us in the hunt for the Northern Lights! Our experienced Northern Lights hunter will bring you along, leaving the light pollution of the city behind and into the areas where the probability for spotting the Northern Lights is the best.

We will pick you up at your hotel and spend the night chasing the Northern Lights. Hot beverages and snacks included in price. Photo and camera instructions will be provided. The journey will last 5 hours (+1 if needed).

BASE CAMP: During the chase for the Northern Lights we have the possibility to go to our base camp at Pæskatun, around a 20 minute drive from the town center. We have a couple of warm slate-cottages where we can wait for the Northern Lights in comfort. At Pæskatun our guide will introduce the unique Northern Lights history of Alta, and give a presentation about the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Toilets and telescopes at Pæskatun.

Transport is included in the price of the tour. Note that April's hours are later (we're losing darkness rapidly by then!) Slate souvenirs, made with slate from the Pæskatun quarry, are available for purchase.