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AI17: World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum

World Heritage Rock Art Centre – Alta Museum

Quick Facts

Available: October 1 - April 1
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Mon-Fri 09:00-15:00
Sat-Sun 11:00-16:00
Reduced hours or closed around Christmas/New Year - contact us for details or see website. The outdoor rock carving area is only available in the snow free period of the year. The museum’s indoor rock art and exhibiti¬ons are open all year.

Group Size: No size restrictions
Intensity: Easy
Price: Adults: 80,-
Children 7-16: 25,-

Take a short trip to the Alta Museum, situated at the edge of town and beside the Altafjord. The building stands next to a vast and famous field of rock carvings, discovered by locals beginning in 1973. These ancient carvings, made over a long period from 6,000 to 2,000 years ago, were inscribed into UNESCO'S list of Global Cultural Heritage in 1985. Although the outdoor carvings are covered by snow in the winter, the museum provides an indoor exhibit with many pictures and drawings of the carvings (and the first carving, on a loose rock, is on display), including pictures of rock fields that are closed to the public. If the ground is snow-free and safe when you arrive, a guided walk outdoors to see one of the fields of carvings can be arranged.

The museum also has permanent exhibitions on the Sami religion, silver treasures, the Alta River and the northern lights. Temporary exhibits downstairs cover a variety of topics from angling in the Alta River to ancient Sami artifacts. The museum has a small cafe with a spectacular view of the Altafjord, and an outstanding souvenir shop that sells everything from books to locally-crafted silver jewelry.

The tour price includes only admission to the museum. Transport to and from the museum, and guided tours in the museum, are not included. The museum provides audio guides in an assortment of languages at an extra cost, and North Adventure is happy to provide a tour guide for the museum - get in touch with us for rates.