North Adventure

AI148: King Crab Hunt in Storekorsnes

King Crab Hunt in Storekorsnes

Quick Facts

Available: All Year
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Group Size: 4-6
Intensity: Easy
Price: Starting from: 2950,-

Price is 2950,- per person for 4-6 people. The tour is available as a private tour for two people for 3350,- per person.

The king crab are coming to Alta! Once only up along the northern coast of Russia and Norway, the crab are making their way into Alta Fjord, and now you can travel out to the coast and try your luck with finding them.

Your hosts will come and fetch you from Alta city center and take you out to Storekorsnes, a tiny fishing village on the coast to the north of Alta. The 45-minute drive is part of the tour - you will see spectacular scenery along the way. Once you arrive, you will board a small fishing boat and head out into the fjord where traps have been set. Will you find king crab in the traps when you haul them up? Who knows! Like any nature-based activity, there is no telling what will happen until you try. Along with the king crab, you can also give fishing a try on your tour.

When you return to shore, there will be time to visit the shoreside aquarium, learn more about king crab, and take pictures. Then it's up to the panoramic grillhouse for a welcome bite of king crab or local halibut soup with bread, plus coffee, tea, and good conversation with your local hosts. You will travel back to Alta with good memories and a better feel for life along the peaceful Norwegian coast.

The tour includes transport from and back to Alta city center, the boat tour with king crab hunt and fishing, picture time with king crab, and a light lunch. This tour can be run for just two people for a higher price; contact us for details.