North Adventure

AI137: Escape to the Norwegian Coast

Escape to the Norwegian Coast

Quick Facts

Available: January 1 - December 31
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Rental is per day.

Group Size: Maximum 6
Intensity: Easy

1200,- per night for 2-person cabin.
2500,- per night for 6-person cabin.

Price is for cabin rental only; food and activities are not included.

Norway's arctic region is perfect for people who want to jump out and explore. Snowmobiles, husky dogs, reindeer, hiking and biking and museums and...

But what if that's not what you need? What if you just need to stop the world and get off for a day or two? Or a week? Find a place where it feels like time slows down. A place where the sound of the wind is more common than the telephone.

We understand all about that and we know just where to go. Storekorsnes (say "Stoo-reh-korsh-nes") is a little outpost along the coast of Alta Fjord, about a 45-minute drive outside of Alta. The headlands and inland area are home to a small handful of residents, some old fortifications from World War II, and viewpoints that are simply spectacular. Here, you will find delightful, cozy cabins at Storekorsnes Ferie & Fritid that are the perfect way to finally let your shoulders down and connect to the natural rhythms that surround you.

If you feel like being a bit active, there are fishing trips, snowmobile rides (in winter) and hikes to take. But if you just want to unplug and curl up, sleep in late, clear your head and feel alive, there's no better place for that. The cabins are available both for daily rental and longer stays.

The price includes simply the daily cabin rental, plus linens and towels. Breakfast and other meals can be arranged in advance if desired (along with tours if you want to do that), and we can also offer special services like "fill the fridge" where your cabin will be stocked with basic food and essentials Norwegian-style for your stay. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs!