North Adventure

AI132: Explore the Frozen Landscape and the Sami Culture

Explore the Frozen Landscape and the Sami Culture

Quick Facts

Available: September 1 - April 30
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 08:30 - 15:30

Group Size: Minimum 2
Intensity: Easy
Price: Per person: 2490,-

Do you want to get an insight into Sami culture and history, and also experience the mighty Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau in wintertime? We will take you to the Sami town of Kautokeino.

We start from Alta in the morning and head south towards the town of Kautokeino. After 20 minutes we will leave one of the biggest forests in the Northern hemisphere and drive up onto Finnmarksvidda, the flat mountain plateau of Finnmark county. Here we have the opportunity to see fantastic arctic light as the sun begins to rise. From the end of November to mid January the sun will not reach the horizon before it goes down again, but even then the light will be a breathtaking experience.

We wil pass several historical sites along the way. The guide will tell you about the old Suolovuopmi mountain lodge and the traveling route over Finnmarksvidda in the old days. You will also pass the small town of Maze and hear the story of how the little Sami community was nearly destroyed by the development of a hydropower plant in the early 1970s.

When we arrive in Kautokeino, the first stop will be the Juhls Silver Gallery, which was established in 1959 as the first silversmith in Finnmark. Juhls bases its work on Sami culture and in 2009, the owners were awarded the Finnmark County Cultural Prize for their work. You will have a guided tour at the silver gallery and learn more about the life and art of Frank and Regina Juhls. It will also be possible to buy souvenirs and art and get some memories for life.

We will take a break after Juhls for a lunch made with local ingredients and flavors - the taste of Finnmark - before we drive to visit a reindeer herd. Here we will meet the reindeer up close; you will even have a chance to feed them. Then, only your return trip remains and you will see the mountain landscape in a completely different light.