North Adventure

AI13: A Taste of Dogsledding

A Taste of Dogsledding

Quick Facts

Available: December 15 - April 15
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 10:00 - 12:30

Group Size: No size restrictions
Intensity: Moderate
Price: Adults: 1495,-
Children 12/under: 750,-

Ready to become a dog musher for a morning? At Trasti & Trine, the emphasis is on YOUR participation.

When you arrive at the dog centre, in the countryside outside of Alta, you will be under the instruction and guidance of veteran, professional dog mushers. Inside the dog yard, you'll find many happy Alaskan huskies that are eager to meet you, and excited to see you... because when you arrive, they know it's time to RUN, and there's nothing they love more than to run with a sled.

Your hosts will provide the instructions necessary to harness your team and control your sled, but you will be the ones to prepare the team and sled. When everything is ready, you will head out on your trip, two per sled - one driver and one passenger, and experienced guides with their own teams in front and in back of you. Midway along the route, you will swap places before finishing the ride. The route will take you out, into the forest and along the Alta River. As you glide along, you'll be delighted with the smooth power of the enthusiastic dogs, and the tranquility and beauty of the natural environment that surrounds you.

After your dog sledding trip, you'll relax around an open fire and the hosts will share stories about the joys and ordeals of dogsled racing. Europe's longest (and the world's second-longest) dogsled race, Finnmarksløpet, starts and ends in Alta, and your hosts have competed in that and other races numerous times.

The tour includes transport between Northern Lights Husky and Alta, warm clothing if needed, instruction and assistance to prepare the dog teams, the tour itself, and conversation and cake afterwards.

You will be in close contact with a large number of dogs in the dog yard. They are very friendly and love attention, but be ready for some excited noise and muddy paws now and then. Handling a dogsled is a moderately physical activity, and you should have good enough physical condition that you can stand on one leg and control the sled for an extended period.