North Adventure

AI125: Whale Watching Day Tour

Whale Watching Day Tour

Quick Facts

Available: October 1 - January 31
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 08:30 - 17:00

Group Size: 8-70
Intensity: Easy
Price: Per person: 2500,-

Join Northernsea Adventures on a delightful and relaxing day aboard their fabulous vessel Aafjord. You'll head out in the morning, cruising away from Alta toward the waters where whales live and play. Marvel at the stunning arctic scenery as you go, from the fall or winter sky overhead to the mountains along the shore, snow-capped or fully clothed in white depending on the season.

The captain and crew will take good care of you along the way, serving a light lunch along the way and dinner on the way back to Alta. Depending on when you book, the tour may also include a chance to see the northern lights overhead on your return journey. No matter what the weather, you'll have an exciting time surrounded by the nature of the fjord, and a cozy and comfortable ride in their large and seaworthy boat.

The tour includes the boat tour, lunch and dinner. If you are less than eight people, check with us anyway! There is always a chance that we may have a public booking that you can join while you are in Alta, and it is possible to book the tour with fewer people at a higher price. Please note that whales and the northern lights are fully natural - no robot whales in Alta! - so we cannot guarantee a sighting or any particular weather or aurora conditions.