North Adventure

AI04: 2,5 Hours Snowmobile Tour from Sorrisniva and Visit the Igloo Hotel

2,5 Hours Snowmobile Tour from Sorrisniva and Visit the Igloo Hotel

Quick Facts

Available: December 20 - April 19
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 11:30 - 14:00

Start and end times above are for the actual tour. Transport can be arranged by Sorrisniva (NOK 200,- per person each way) leaving Scandic Hotel 10:45 and returning 17:25.
Guide will meet you at Sorrisniva reception 11:30

Closed Dec 23-25

Group Size: Minimum 2
Intensity: Moderate
Price: 1 per scooter: 1900,-
2 per scooter: 1750,-
Children 12/under: 950,-

Valid driving license required to drive.

You will be picked up in Alta city centre in the morning and brought outside of Alta to the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. But before you tour the hotel, take a snowmobile out into the arctic wilderness! Sorrisniva will provide all the gear you need - thermal suit, shoes, helmet, gloves and the snowmobile, of course - and give you instructions on operating the snowmobile if you're not an experienced rider. Then, you're off to the Finnmarksvidda high plateau, where you'll follow along on part of the old trade route used in the days before cars and modern roads. The daytime view is magnificent, and a perfect companion for the exhilaration of driving such a fun vehicle.

Back at the hotel again, you'll have some time to tour the Igloo Hotel itself, a magical building constructed completely new each year from the local snow and ice. What looks like an igloo on the outside transforms into a fairyland on the inside. Around 30 bedrooms, a chapel, a bar, lounge areas... if you buy a drink at the bar, you'll find that even the glasses are made of ice. And all through the hotel, you'll find sculptures and wall carvings, created by local artists along the lines of a theme that is unique for just this year.

The tour includes equipment and snowmobile rental. Please note that ALL participants on this tour who wish to drive must have a current driving license with them when they arrive at Sorrisniva. Driving a snowmobile requires a measure of physical endurance and condition, so please take this into consideration when you book this trip. Sorrisniva does not have their own drivers available, so if you want only to be a passenger, you must be accompanied by someone who is willing and able to drive. Transport to Sorrisniva is not included in the price, and can be arranged by Sorrisniva for NOK 200,- per person from city center. Other transport options are also available - contact us for details. Lunch and dinner at Sorrisniva are also available and must be pre-booked