North Adventure

AI01: Hunting the Northern Lights

Hunting the Northern Lights

Quick Facts

Available: September 15 - April 12
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Times: 19:00 - 23:30

Flexible return time between 23:30 and 01:00 as needed
After Mar 15, times are 20:00-12:30; after Apr01, 21:00-01:30

Group Size: No size restrictions
Intensity: Easy
Price: Adults: 1500,-
Children 12/under: 1050,-

The aurora borealis is an unpredictable natural phenomenon, and no one is entirely sure when or where they will appear. Sometimes appearing as faint wisps in the clear night sky, other times as great dancing, shimmering curtains of light, the aurora has captured the attention and imagination of people for as long as they have seen them.

Alta is famous for having good conditions for aurora viewing year after year. But in order to view the aurora borealis, energy must be arriving from the sun and the skies somewhere near Alta must be at least partly clear. Weather and aurora predictions are both fickle things, so no matter how good or bad the predictions and conditions, we must simply go and search and hope for the best. So let's go hunting!

Prior to beginning the hunt, your host will collect you from your hotel and take you to their headquarters outside of town. Over a tasty evening soup, they will explain more about the phenomenon and give you an update on the weather conditions in the local area. The area around Alta contains several micro-climates, each of which can have different skies through an evening. With the briefing complete, you'll bundle up and head out in a small group on your hunt, first to the most promising location and further on if necessary. Your guide is a true expert when it comes to driving AND aurora photography, and if conditions are right, you'll receive a fun picture of you with the aurora as a backdrop as a souvenir for the evening.

This tour includes transport from and back to Alta city center, a light meal of soup at the start, extra warm clothing if needed, hot drinks out at the viewing sites while you wait, and help with taking pictures.