North Adventure

AC310: Winter Playtime at SarvesAlta

Winter Playtime at SarvesAlta

Quick Facts

Season: Winter
Capacity: Minimum 10; Maximum 300
Duration: 5 hours
One way transport time: 30 minutes
Time at supplier: 4 hours
Intensity: Strenuous
Toilets Yes
Supplier: SarvesAlta

Feeling energetic? This is an opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities at SarvesAlta, a ski and winter fun center about a half hour outside of Alta. There, surrounded by wild scenery and breathtaking views, you can choose from a variety of activities to match your fitness level and interests.

Ready for some downhill skiing or snowboarding? SarvesAlta has five downhill runs with different intensities and plenty of opportunities to enjoy off-piste skiing, along with jumps and rails in their snow park. If your skis are the cross-country kind, you're in luck - SarvesAlta has a set of cross-country tracks surrounding the center. And if skiing isn't your hobby, there is more to do, like snowshoe hikes (with or without a fast zipline ride at the end!), sledding down a hill with inner tubes, fatbiking, ice skating or just tooling around on a kicksled.

The cozy cafeteria offers homemade dishes and snacks, hot and cold drinks, and a nice warm atmosphere if you want a short rest during the day. Snowboard and ski equipment, inner tubes, snowshoes, ice skates and kicksleds are all available for rent. If you don't ski or snowboard but would like to learn, you can book time with an instructor to teach you.

Transport by tour bus is included in the tour. All activities are optional, so guests can tailor the tour to match their fitness level, but do note that this is a tour designed for active people.