North Adventure

AC274: Canoe Tour

Canoe Tour

Quick Facts

Season: Summer
Capacity: Minimum 10; Maximum 14
Duration: 5 hours
One way transport time: 30 minutes
Time at supplier: 4 hours
Intensity: Strenuous
Toilets No
Supplier: GLØD Explorer

The Alta River is famous for its salmon fishing. It's also home to spectacular scenery and a variety of wildlife, and a canoe is the perfect way to explore the area. Guests on this tour will be brought by GLØD Explorer to the launch point, a spot on the river near a particularly good place to find salmon. From there, the group will make their way at a leisurely pace downriver, keeping an eye out for eagles, ducks and - if you're lucky - maybe even a moose! The guide with your group will tell you stories during the tour about the river and its history.

Partway along the ride, the group will stop for a lunch prepared over an open fire. GLØD provides a variety of different foods, from fish soup or salmon to reindeer stew, so whatever is on the menu for the tour will be tasty as well as welcome. After lunch, the tour will resume downriver to the finish point.

No prior experience in paddling a canoe is necessary; instruction will be provided, and the Alta River is normally calm and not especially deep. Of course, anything can happen, but the safety briefing, lifejacket and river conditions should make an accidental capsize an undramatic event. It's recommended that you bring a complete change of clothes in a waterproof pack just in case (we can lend you a pack for free if you need it).

Canoe Tour