North Adventure

AC273: Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain Bike Tour

Quick Facts

Season: Summer
Capacity: Minimum 10; Maximum 10
Duration: 5 hours
One way transport time: 15 minutes
Time at supplier: 4.5 hours
Intensity: Strenuous
Toilets No
Supplier: GLØD Explorer

Alta is a premier outdoor destination in the summer. The arctic wilderness sits just outside the city limits, and it’s always an adventure whether you explore on foot, by boat or – in this case – by mountain bike.

This tour is intended for participants who have had some offroad and mountain bike experience already. The exact route of the tour will be determined by the fitness level of the group – it is not an extreme experience even though you do need to know how to ride. The ride will travel along dirt and gravel tracks through the nearby forest and river valleys, and includes a stop of at least one hour to build a fire and have some lunch.

The tour includes bike and equipment rental, along with lunch and extra clothing if required.

Mountain Bike Tour