North Adventure

AC270: Hunting for the Northern Lights

Hunting for the Northern Lights

Quick Facts

Season: Winter
Capacity: Minimum 40; Maximum 300
Duration: 4 hours
One way transport time: 30 minutes
Time at supplier: 3 hours
Intensity: Easy
Toilets Yes
Supplier: GLØD Explorer

The hunt for the northern lights begins with a briefing prior to departure by the host of the event. Through this brief and entertaining presentation, guests will learn a little about the Northern Lights, why Alta is a good place to hunt for them, and the chances of viewing them on this particular hunt.

Guests will travel by guided bus to the most likely location (based on the weather forecast) for seeing the aurora. A camp will be set up with hot drinks, snacks and limited shelter for the participants while they wait. Guides on-site can provide help with camera settings to improve the photography results.

Although Alta often provides good viewing conditions for the aurora, there is no guarantee that the weather and astronomical factors will provide a show for the guests on any given night. Guests should also be aware that sometimes the best probability for seeing a clear sky is at a location close to town, in which case the transfer to the camp will be rather short.

Hunting for the Northern Lights