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AC265: Visit the Magical Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Visit the Magical Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Quick Facts

Season: Winter
Capacity: Minimum 10; Maximum 120
Duration: 2 hours
One way transport time: 30 minutes
Time at supplier: 1 hour
Intensity: Easy
Toilets Yes
Supplier: Sorrisniva

The Igloo Hotel is situated in Sorrisniva, 20 kilometres from Alta town Center, in idyllic surroundings on the banks of the Alta River. The hotel measures approximately 2000 square meters and the entire exterior and interior is made of snow and ice: the rooms, the beds, even the glasses in the ice bar! Apart from its 30 bedrooms, the Igloo Hotel houses suites, a bar, and several lounges. The hotel is decorated with exquisite ice and snow sculptures, crafted by local artists. The changing themes every year ensure a unique experience.

Skilled guides will tell you all about the history and the technique of building the snow and ice hotel, decorating it and keeping it an attraction and a work of art. Before you leave, make sure to have a sip of the complimentary drink served in an ice glass at the bar.

There is also a small souvenir shop in the hotel. Please inform customers to bring money if they wish to buy anything.

Visit the Magical Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel