North Adventure

AC247: Winter Sami Adventure in Alta

Winter Sami Adventure in Alta

Quick Facts

Season: Winter
Capacity: Minimum 20; Maximum 50
Duration: 2 hours
One way transport time: 15 minutes
Time at supplier: 1.5 hours
Intensity: Easy
Toilets No
Supplier: Boazo Sami Siida

The Boazo Sami Siida is a demonstration reindeer herding camp that is located alongside the Alta River, just a short distance outside of town. The Siida is run by members of a reindeer herding family that are still active in that profession.

Guests will travel by guided bus to the Siida, where they will be greeted by their hosts and ushered inside. The tour will include descriptions about the old traditions of the reindeer-herding Sami of Norway, from clothing and daily life to “joiking”, the old Sami form of singing. There will be reindeer that visitors can meet and photograph at close range, and a chance to try their hand at catching reindeer horns with a lasso. Along with the tour, the Siida offers handmade traditional souvenirs for sale, made by the owners of the Siida.

Walking is required only along the tour – approximately 100 meters total.