North Adventure

AC240: Visit the Tirpitz Museum

Visit the Tirpitz Museum

Quick Facts

Season: All Year
Capacity: Minimum 20; Maximum 50
Duration: 3 hours
One way transport time: 30 minutes
Time at supplier: 2 hours
Intensity: Easy
Toilets Yes
Supplier: Tirpitz Museum

Alta was deeply affected World War 2 – first occupied by thousands of soldiers and finally burned down near the end of the war. This tour will explore this story in more depth, with a special focus on the battleship Tirpitz that was anchored in Kåfjord, just a short distance outside of Alta.

The group will travel by guided bus to the Tirpitz Museum, located in Kåfjord. Founded by local resident Even Blomqvist, the museum is home to a fascinating array of objects and photographs from the War and the Tirpitz that help bring the subject into focus. While at the museum, groups are typically split in half, with one set of people seeing a film about the Tirpitz, and the other group roaming through the museum on a guided tour (the groups will switch places halfway through).

After the museum visit, the bus tour resumes and includes sites relevant to World War 2, the Tirpitz, and also some other aspects of life in Alta, before returning the group to the pier.

Walking is limited to the distance between the bus parking and the Tirpitz Museum, which is approximately 100 meters each way.