North Adventure

AC233: Northern Lights Camp Alta, Pæskatun

Northern Lights Camp Alta, Pæskatun

Quick Facts

Season: Winter
Capacity: Minimum 50; Maximum 300
Duration: 3 hours
One way transport time: 30 minutes
Time at supplier: 2 hours
Intensity: Easy
Toilets Yes
Supplier: Pæskatun

Pæskatun wants to share with our guests the fascination of the amazing and mythical Northern Lights and the overwhelming dark winter sky filled with countless stars. We invite you to come to our Northern Lights Camp Alta at Pæskatun. As the camp is up near the top of the mountain Pæska we can offer a fantastic view over the valley, the mountains surrounding the site, and the sky. This makes the camp a very good photo location.

At the camp there will be several possibilities to spend the time in an interesting way: a Northern Lights presentation with myths, history and science; a large screen where pictures and movies of the Northern Lights will be shown; several warm slate cottages where you can sit down and warm up a bit with hot beverages and cakes; a lavvu (Sami tent) where you can sit around a campfire; a workshop (Pæskatun is originally a slate quarry) with a screen presenting the slate history of Alta; or, you can just wander around and enjoy the scenery! The guides at site will help you with camera settings if you want to take your own Northern Lights pictures.

There will be unique locally-made slate souvenirs for sale, along with pictures, postcards, etc. It will also be possible to buy a portrait of you with the Northern Lights as background taken by one of our photographers, which will be sent to your e-mail address.

Northern Lights Camp Alta, Pæskatun