North Adventure

AC231: Discover Alta's World-Famous Slate at Pæskatun
(guests cut their own slate souvenir)

Discover Alta's World-Famous Slate at Pæskatun<br>(guests cut their own slate souvenir)

Quick Facts

Season: All Year
Capacity: Maximum 25; Minimum 100
Duration: 2.5 hours
One way transport time: 30 minutes
Time at supplier: 1.5 hours
Intensity: Easy
Toilets Yes
Supplier: Pæskatun

Alta's quartzite slate - a flat, gray mineral - is known around the world for its hardness, durability and beautiful shine when polished. It has been quarried and used since the 1800s, and this traditional industry is still active in the present day. This tour extends AC230, and adds extra time so that visitors can cut and shape their own slate souvenir.

Visitors will travel by guided bus to Pæskatun, a slate quarry tucked near the top of one of several slate mountains that rise out of the landscape south of Alta. There, the group will be welcomed by their hosts, learn about the history of the craft, and then see a demonstration of both old and modern techniques for slicing and shaping the slate. At the end of the demonstration, guests can touch the top of a freshly-split block of slate... and be the first creatures in the history of the planet to touch its 700 million year old surface.

Along with the demonstration hall, Pæskatun has a museum of small cabins that show off the working conditions from the old days - mining and shaping the slate was brutal work, and the living conditions were not much better! Pæskatun also has beautiful hand-made slate souvenirs for sale on site. Guests who finish their tour early can enjoy the spectacular view of the Alta River valley, and can peer downriver and see Alta in the distance.

Minimum walking distance on the tour is approximately 50 meters. Please note that the group size maximum for winter tours is 60 guests.

Discover Alta's World-Famous Slate at Pæskatun<br>(guests cut their own slate souvenir)