North Adventure

AC225: Visit the Alta Museum

Visit the Alta Museum

Quick Facts

Season: Summer
Capacity: Maximum 70
Duration: 2 hours
One way transport time: 15 minutes
Time at supplier: 1.5 hours
Intensity: Moderate
Toilets Yes
Supplier: Alta Museum

Alta Museum sits amid a vast and famous field of rock carvings, discovered by locals beginning in 1973. These ancient carvings, made over a long period from 7,000 to 2,000 years ago, were enscribed into UNESCO'S list of Global Cultural Heritage in 1985. In the summer months, the outdoor carvings are free from snow and can be viewed up-close along a boardwalk trail. Indoors, the museum provides an exhibit with many pictures and drawings of the carvings (and the first carving, on a loose rock, is on display), including pictures of rock fields that are closed to the public.

The museum has permanent exhibitions on the rock carvings, Sami and Christian religions, the Alta Dam controversy, the slate industry and the northern lights. Temporary exhibits downstairs cover a variety of topics related to life, nature and history in the northernmost part of Norway. The museum has a small cafe with a spectacular view of the Alta Fjord, and an outstanding souvenir shop that sells everything from books to locally crafted silver jewelry.

The group’s tour will include transport on a guided bus, and a guided tour both to the outdoor carvings and to the indoor exhibits. Visitors may also wander on their own during the tour, and will have time to stop at the souvenir shop if desired.

Visit the Alta Museum