North Adventure

AC219: Traditional Reindeer Sledding in Maze (with lunch)

Traditional Reindeer Sledding in Maze (with lunch)

Quick Facts

Season: Winter
Capacity: Minimum 10; Maximum 30
Duration: 4.5 hours
One way transport time: 1.25 hours
Time at supplier: 2 hours
Intensity: Moderate
Toilets Yes
Supplier: Cavzo Safari

The Sami, the indigenous people in northern Norway, have a vibrant and colorful culture, both past and present. This tour provides an opportunity for guests to learn more about their old ways and modern life.

The group will travel by guided bus to the tiny Sami village of Maze, around an hour’s journey south of Alta. Along the way, their guide will entertain the travelers with stories about many aspects of the history and life in Alta and Norway.

When the group arrives in Maze, they will be greeted by members of a Sami reindeer-herding family. After introductions, the group will climb aboard reindeer-pulled sleds for a peaceful ride along a frozen river. As the sleds glide along, with just the sound of crunching hooves and reindeer bells, it is easy to forget about time and just drift along through the fresh, cold air. On return, the guests will step inside a large tepee (called a “lavvo”) where they will sit around a central fire on warm reindeer pelts on the ground. Over lunch (a reindeer and potato stew called “bidos”), the group will hear descriptions and stories about old Sami traditions and experiences, as well as learning more about their traditional clothing and modern life. They will even hear a sample of “joiking”, the ancient-sounding Sami form of singing.

The tour requires about 75 meters of walking between the bus and the activity area. Most participants will sit on reindeer hides on the ground, though a few chairs can be made available if needed.

Traditional Reindeer Sledding in Maze (with lunch)