North Adventure

AC213: Sami Adventure and Riverboat Trip
to the Canyon (with lunch)

Sami Adventure and Riverboat Trip<br>to the Canyon (with lunch)

Quick Facts

Season: Summer
Capacity: Minimum 20; Maximum 60
Duration: 6 hours
One way transport time: 1.25 hours
Time at supplier: 3.5 hours
Intensity: Strenuous
Toilets Yes
Supplier: Cavzo Safari

This tour provides an opportunity for guests to learn more about the old ways and modern life of the Sami people. The construction of the dam and power station on the Alta River was a milestone event for the Sami, so this tour includes a stop at that site as well.

The group will travel by guided bus to the tiny Sami village of Maze. On arrival, they will be greeted by members of a Sami reindeer-herding family. Visitors will sit in a large tepee (called a “lavvo”) and eat a delicious lunch of reindeer-and-potato stew called “bidos”. Over lunch, the guests will hear about the history of the Sami, and how the Sami, the town of Maze and the Alta dam are related.

After lunch, lifejackets and a safety briefing will precede an extended boat ride along the Alta River. The boat guide will point out sights along the 1.5-hour journey, which concludes upon arrival at the Alta dam and power station. The group will climb out of the boat and onto the dam, and after a photo stop will head inside the mountain to the underground visitor center where they will learn more about the dam and power station. Then they will hike up and out of the mountain to a bus that is waiting to bring them back to Alta.

The tour requires around a kilometer of walking throughout the tour. Most participants will sit on reindeer hides on the ground for lunch, though a few chairs can be made available if needed. Guests will walk uphill for approx. 150 meters at the end of the tour to reach the bus.

Sami Adventure and Riverboat Trip<br>to the Canyon (with lunch)