North Adventure

AC200: Alta Canyon and Power Station

Alta Canyon and Power Station

Quick Facts

Season: Summer
Capacity: Minimum 20; Maximum 120
Duration: 4 hours
One way transport time: 1 hour
Time at supplier: 2 hours
Intensity: Strenuous
Toilets Yes
Supplier: North Adventure

Alta Canyon (called Sautso in the Sami language) is northern Europe’s largest canyon, and the scenery is perfect both for taking pictures and just enjoying the view. This tour provides access to the canyon plus time to visit the nearby dam.

The journey to the canyon takes a country road that follows a river through farmland and up onto the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau. The group’s guide will relate stories about the area, including the big demonstrations that took place over the construction of the dam and the “Sami revolution” that occurred as a result.

When the tour arrives at the dam, the group will go inside the underground visitor center, learn more about the dam’s construction and function, and see a film provided by the power company. Then, it’s out and onto the 110-meter dam itself for a tour and photo.

After the visit to the dam, the bus will take the group to an outstanding viewpoint over the canyon and stop to allow the group to take photos, before returning to Alta again.

The tour requires about 200 meters of walking each way through the tunnel to the dam, first down and then back up again.

Alta Canyon and Power Station