North Adventure

Welcome to Arctic Norway!

The well-traveled path? Sorry, you took a wrong turn and will have to go back.

Alta, Norway is a small town in the vast Scandinavian arctic plateau, full of surprises and magical discoveries both for those who live here and those who come to visit.

Play Hard

Dogsledding and snowmobiling. Snowshoes and fatbikes. Kayaks and canoes, and fishing boats on the fjord. Hikes through forests and over mountains no matter what the weather.

Are you in terrific shape? The arctic will test you. Are you just a casual beginner? The arctic will welcome you. Here, the tours scale to whatever level of fitness and challenge you need.

...or Slow Down

Lose yourself in the flames of a fire in a Sami tent. Stand under the vast, dark sky, and wait for the Northern Lights. Sit on a lichen-crusted rock atop a mountain under the midnight sun, and marvel at the knife edge that seems to separate heaven and earth. Stare at the carvings made by residents 7,000 years ago and wonder... were they like me, those ancient travelers?

Get Close

Alta is one of the most un-touristy tourist destinations you'll find. Here, people run tours because it's what they know, it's their life already. Dogsled tours are run by professional, champion dog mushers. Fatbike tours are led by guides who love nothing more than riding in the wilderness. Those people that look like Sami reindeer herders... ARE Sami reindeer herders.

Can You Hear the Wilderness Calling?

Come join us here in the arctic frontier. Discover your own magical moments. Whatever you choose to do, you'll carry the memory of this place with you long after you've returned to the south again.